Since its inception (2001), Pamoja Child Foundation has consisted of a foundation in the Netherlands and a local community organization (CBO) in Kenya, both registered. The foundation has had a Dutch board from the beginning. The management of the CBO in Kenya was until 2004 owned by the two founders, then by two Dutch managers and since 2010 the management has been in Kenyan hands.

The goal of development cooperation is to strengthen the capacity of local partners with local expertise and leadership, especially for a small organization such as Pamoja Child Foundation. The government of Kenya has a policy of positively discriminating against Kenyan workers over foreign workers when the job qualifications of both candidates are equal.

As of early 2010, the Board of the Pamoja Child Foundation has appointed a Kenyan manager to lead the CBO in implementing the strategic direction and to acquire full Kenyan ownership for the organization. However, it was a challenge to find the right person to lead the organization progressively and since 2012 the management has consisted of a team of two: the Operational & Project Manager and the Strategic & Financial Manager (with focus on Monitoring & Evaluation and fundraising) .

In addition to the Management Team, there are 7 other staff members:

  • a Program Coordinator / Trainer (for a program with VI Agroforestry)
  • a Coordinator Sponsoring and Child Protection
  • a Project Employee / Facilitator
  • 4 support staff (security and cleaning staff / cook)

The Pamoja Child Foundation considers it important to offer work experience to students from different disciplines of universities and colleges and therefore offers internships for at least 2 students per year.