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You can support Pamoja Child Foundation in different ways. You can sponsor a child with his / her education or donate an amount for the activities for the community as a whole.

Sponsor a child
Help an (orphan) child to a future and sponsor the child for € 25 per month. Thanks to your sponsor contribution, the child can go to school and learn a trade. This is the only way to an independent existence. Pamoja Child Foundation makes it possible for girls in particular to have access to higher professional or university education. As a sponsor you will be regularly informed of the developments and progress of your sponsor child and you will receive a newsletter a few times a year.

You can register as a sponsor via the donation form at the bottom of this page. You can send the form by mail to info@pamojachildfoundation.org or by mail to:

Donate an amount
Thanks to donations from donors, we can work towards a sustainable and independent future for the community as a whole. With your donation you contribute to the School as a Safe Harbor and Strengthening Community Groups projects, but also to activities such as HIV-AIDS information programs. In addition, Pamoja Child Foundation also provides incidental assistance where necessary, such as flood relief, or major drought, or the outbreak of an illness. By pledging your support now, you support Pamoja Child Foundation in these activities.