Ellen van Puffelen

Board member since 2010, treasurer since 2014. Works as a consultant for various humanitarian and development organizations.I have done this with great pleasure and enthusiasm for 4 years and with great satisfaction I transferred the position to a Kenyan director in April 2010. Because Pamoja is close to my heart, I remain involved in the organization as a board member. Working with the team in Kenya gives me a lot of positive energy and the results in the community are rewarding. ” 

Meike Hartelust

Board member since 2010 . Works as an Interior Architect “Since 2001, my husband and I have sponsored two Pamoja children because we were impressed by the initiative of Madelon and Kepher and had a good feeling for the small scale of the organization and the direct involvement of the founders. After years of passive contribution I would like to have made a slightly more substantial contribution and that has become a board position since the spring of 2010 “.

Maartje Flamman

Board member since August 2014 Something for you?. Pamoja Child Foundation is looking for new board members who want to contribute from the Netherlands with us to the development of the organization in Awasi. If you want to make an active contribution to Pamoja and, in addition to regular meetings, can also spend time outside on various activities, please contact us at info@pamoja.nl or via the contact form on this website. We can then inform you further.