Kenya borders the countries of Sudan, Somalia and Ethiopia to the north, Uganda to the west, Tanzania to the south and the Indian Ocean to the east. The Republic of Kenya has an area of ​​582,646 km2 with its capital Nairobi. Kenya is known for its beautiful nature and fascinating culture.Pamoja Child Foundation has been working in two administrative units, called locations, since 2001 in the larger Nyando district in Nyanza province. In 2010 Kenya adopted a new constitution replacing districts with sub-counties. The larger Nyando district has since been divided into 2 sub-counties, meaning that Awasi and Nyang’oma locations are currently located in Nyando and Muhoroni sub-counties, respectively. There are a total of seven sub-locations within the two locations namely Sidho East II, Kamsawa South, Wang’aya I, Awasi, Ayucha, Border I, Border II and Wang’anga.  The Pamoja Child Foundation office is located in Awasi, in western Kenya, about 25 kilometers from Lake Victoria.