Pamoja Child Foundation is a small-scale development organization in Awasi, Kenya and has ANBI status. The RSIN number of Pamoja Child Foundation is 8116.85.378. 
Pamoja Child Foundation strives for a society that contributes to a favorable environment in which children grow up and can develop optimally into independent and responsible citizens. All information about our policy, organization and finances, as well as all (financial) annual reports can be downloaded here .

Pamoja Child Foundation carries out its activities through 4 pillars:

  • By sponsoring orphans and underprivileged children individually, we offer these children access to education, with an emphasis on secondary and higher education. This gives them more opportunities to build an independent and independent life. We do this on a cost-sharing basis.  
  • School as a safe haven; with this we focus on improving the management of the school, we support both the children and the teachers in improving education and we involve parents / guardians in the education of their children. We are committed to creating a positive and safe environment to take full advantage of opportunities for children.
  • Strengthen community groups; we support existing community groups so that they can generate an income independently and improve their livelihood through various projects.
  • Collaboration with others; Pamoja Child Foundation actively cooperates with the main players in the field of education, health care and welfare of children. Support for development cooperation is strengthened through active communication and information.

With these 4 pillars we offer support to the community as a whole to structurally increase their self-reliance now and in the future. You can read more about this under ‘4 pillars’.

During the board trip in September 2011 a lot was filmed, so that you can also get an impression of our activities. Click herefor the extended presentation. For a short impression of Pamoja in Kenya, click hereclick.