Pamoja is a great success, but the real strength comes from the children who took part in projects. Some of the children have tremendous courage and strength that encourages us to continue our work. Lawrence Odipo is such a child. After the loss of his parents, he moved in with his grandparents. This stay with his grandparents was difficult, because they were in their seventies and therefore could not work and had insufficient money for basic things such as food, clothing, health care, education, etc.

However, this did not discourage him, he and his grandparents are determined to let him complete his education. His grandparents have supported him over the years, as has his sponsor over the years. As old as they are, they have been on all school visits, on all parent activities, despite having to walk huge distances for that. This strength, determination, courage and faith cannot be taken for granted, but proves that anything is possible, whatever your background.