Mr. and Mrs. Osogo are members of the Pioneer Self Help Group, a group that partnered with Pamoja Child Foundation in 2015 under the Community Group Empowerment program. The program aims to provide sufficient income and food security for members of the community. The organization provides technical and material support to the groups on a cost-sharing basis, and in collaboration with the Ministry of Livestock and Agriculture. The aim is to stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit of the group members and to improve the ability of individual members to increase production and thus increase income. The Osogo couple is very successful thanks to the training they have followed on poultry production and management. In early 2016, the couple sold 200 birds and earned Ksh 200 in total. 000 that the family used to renovate their home that was in poor condition. Ms. Osogo is proud of her home, they now have a decent home that makes her family live comfortably, thanks to their own efforts in their poultry project. In addition, they save in groups through the ‘Village Savings and Loaning’ model, which allowed them to finance the education of their children.

” Pamoja Child Foundation opened our eyes to the possibilities around us. We live in an area where the weather conditions are not very favorable for the production of crops, which is why poultry offers the best alternative to ensure a better income and food security for these community . ” Said Mr. Osogo.

 The Osogos in their renovated house and some birds in their Poultry project