“I am Victor Odhiambo and I’m so much happy with all Pamoja sponsors for the assistance in education since the year 2002 up to 2013. I am the first child in our family; we were with 10 children and as we continued to grow up, seven of us died and later my father died as well. So my mother could not manage to educate us; that is why my grandfather took me so I could live with him, even though he and my grandmother were old. I was sponsored by Pamoja since 2002 and that’s when I started my school.

My educational life started to be good with the support of Pamoja and I managed to get all the pass marks and be amongst the top of my class. Since 2007 we also had drama with Pamoja and I happened to be a good actor so I played lead characters. In 2012 I did my K.C.P.E. exams, but I did not perform well because I was not feeling well during my Kiswahili test. I had malaria and was treated with the support of Pamoja at the dispensary hospital. I had 232 marks out of 500, but my target was 300 marks and above. I started growing chickens during the years and since they multiplied I have more than 30 chicks; this happened because I was taught by Pamoja club how to maintain them en treat them. Now I have sold 3 of them for 300 shilling each and with this money I bought a bag and shoes for school. I have sold another 25 chickens which helped me to raise part of the school fees for secondary school. I received an invitation letter from Ayucha Secondary school and will join Form 1. My dream is to be an electrical engineer. Pamoja agreed to continue sponsoring me in my secondary school. I am so much grateful to all sponsors from the Netherlands and the field workers in Kenya for their support and I would like to say a big thanks to all!”

Victor in Junglebook 2007

(Note: due to his low marks, Victor did not qualify for sponsorship in secondary school. However, since he showed remarkable commitment to continue his education, we decided to continue supporting him.)